T7 Newsletter Issue 2, 08/26/2016

Citizens of Egypt,

Lots going on in game lately. Monkeys and Otters are available. We now have a way to purchase game time for your friends. The first legacy test will be available soon.  Many more things still coming.

Let me start with the Test of the Fisherman. A true fisherman knows the best places and times to catch the fish that they want. The university will give you list of 7 fish, you must be able to catch and mount 4 of them to advance. Do you have what it takes? We expect this test out shortly.

For those of you carrying around hundreds of beetles wishing you had an easier way to go through them and get rid of the ugly ones. We have added the ability to mulch beetles directly on the Terrariums. Now you dont need to wonder what the beetle looks like that your killing. See it it in living (at least for now) color.

Monkeys, Otters, Camp Decoration items, Game Time, and other things are available at the online store at https://store.pluribusgames.com

Last but not least, The 2016 Player Meet will be held on October 7-9, 2016 in Aurora, IL. Please see http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale7/Player_Meet_2016 for all the details.  A welcome back weekend is also scheduled for the Player Meet weekend.  So if you cant attend the meet, hang out with your friends in game.

Spring on the Nile,
Pluribus (Pharaoh of Egypt)


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