Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to your subscription for A Tale in the Desert. If you can't find the answer you are looking for here, it is most likely that your billing issues can be answered by placing a Developer Call (from within the game click yourself, choose Special, then Call A Game Master, then Developer Call). If your billing problem results in your account being locked out, or you are unable to log in for any other reason, you may contact Pluribus Games by email at or by phone at 1-331-248-2350.

All billing problems must be handled by the Developer staff. The Game Masters can not assist you in resolving a billing problem, other than to forward your information to a Developer. You may contact a Developer at any time (in game, by email, or by phone) but they are generally only able to assist you Monday through Friday during normal working hours in the US (9AM to 5PM CST).

Additional contact information (such as the Pluribus Games mailing address) can be found here.

Free 24 Hour Trial

Customers with a free trial are allowed to do many of the activities in the game, but not all. To gain full access, you will need to subscribe. The free trial ends after 24 hours of gameplay, which you can use gradually over multiple sittings. When your free trial is over, you will need to subscribe to continue playing.

Monthly Subscription

The subscription price is $11.95 US Dollars per month. Subscriptions can be paid for with a MasterCard or Visa (from within the game, click on yourself, choose Utilities, then Billing, then Start My Subscription.

Note: If you pay via PayPal in a NON US Dollar amount, I will only credit the amount left after the currency conversion.

Longer Term Subscription

Longer term subscriptions are available. Please see details in game under the Utility/Billing/Store menu.
The game is currently only available on a month to month basis due to restrictions placed on us by PNC First Data. We are currently investigating other payment providers.

Bitcoin Payments

Players who pay by Bitcoin will receive a 15% discount on all subscriptions and in-game purchases. This is automatic and will be reflected in the BTC payment amount due during checkout.

Billing Cycle

If you subscribe via credit card, you will be charged $11.95 immediately, then again on the same day each subsequent month. If you subscribe on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, your credit card may be charged on the 1st of the month instead.

If you are paying by bitcoin, you will be notified via in game notification when you need to deposit more bitcoins. Failure to deposit before your due date will disable your account until payment is made.

Past Due Accounts

If your account goes past due for any reason, the game will transfer you to an unpaid island where you interact with the billing menus as needed. You can also make a billing call if you feel that you were sent there incorrectly. Once the account issue is resolved, the system will send you back to where you came from automatically.

Note: If your account is re-instated within 2 weeks, then your account dates will remain the same. If you remained unpaid for more than 2 weeks, the your payment date will reflect your new paid date. Please keep this in mind if you need to pay on specific days of the month.

Cancelling your account

To stop automatic charges, you must close your account. You can do this using the billing menu (from within the game, click on yourself, choose Utilities, then Billing, then Cancel My Account) or by calling Pluribus Games at 331-248-2350.

This will stop any future billing. We do not normally offer refunds on subscriptions. However, if we billed you in error, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve your issue. Please contact us either by opening a Billing Call while in game, or calling us at (331)-248-2350. You can also contact us at, however, we ask that you do NOT send your credit card via email.

Using either payment method, cancellation of your account will stop all billing at that point. Your account will remain active for the remainder of your paid term.

Changing Payment Methods

If we have a credit card on file for you, and if the card we have is not the card you want to use, or if you have decided to switch to Bitcoin, then you should select Change Payment Method on the billing menu (from within the game, click on yourself, choose Utilities, then Billing, then Change Payment Method).

Account Balance

Normally, your account balance will be zero (you can review this any time from within the game, click on yourself, choose Utilities, then Billing then Account Information). If you have a balance, it means that you sent extra money. This cannot happen when using a credit card, but it can happen if you send extra with bitcoin. In this case, the money will remain in your balance until the start of your monthly cycle, at which time it will be used to pay for the next month of your subscription.

End of Telling Balances

If you have a pending a pending bitcoin balance and/or still time on your account at the end of telling, it will automatically be rolled over to the beginning of the next telling of A Tale in the Desert.


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